Liposuction Before And After

Featured are Liposuction Before and After photos of clients that have achieved desired results at Spirit Lift Plastic Surgery with Dr. Sadi Erfani.

Liposuction surgery or lipoplasty is used to contour away hard to get rid of body fat from the stomach, legs, flanks, back, arms and neck to help create a fitter healthier appearance. Liposcution is an immensely popular cosmetic surgery procedure in San Diego.

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Liposuction Before Photo Stomach
Liposuction After Photo Stomach

Liposuction Before Stomach
Liposuction After Stomach

Liposuction Before Stomach Left
Liposuction After Stomach Left

Liposuction Before Stomach Right
Liposuction After Stomach Right

Liposuction Before Front
Liposuction After Front

Liposuction Before Buttocks
Liposuction After Buttocks


I am extremely happy with the liposuction results I received at Spirit Lift Plastic Surgery from Dr. Erfani. I had fat removed from my stomach and hips. Before deciding to go with Spirit Lift, I had checked out a few places. I felt their price was comparable from other plastic surgeons that I visited. What was great was that I did not feel pressured to be sold and set a date for surgery. At one consultation there wasn’t even a doctor, but a sales consultant.

I was promised liposuction discounts if the surgery was scheduled before I left. Dr. Erfani covered what I could expect from liposuction. He was very genuine and likable. He did not talk down to me like some doctors do, but spoke to me in a manner easy to understand. I ultimately decided to have my procedure with Dr. Erfani. His assistants Miguel and Grace made me feel very comfortable during the procedure and were professional. The whole experience was totally positive. Today, I love how I look and feel terrific.


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